A new conceptual dimension

A new conceptual dimension
A gate in Milano

Today, I was having a conversation with one of the individuals I collaborate with on Geneosophy. As is often the case, I asked him if we haven't collectively lost our minds with Geneosophy. This question arises because when you delve into Geneosophic comprehension, you enter a realm where you must relinquish notions of objects, space, time, and quantities. When you do that, you experience a sense of being adrift, and the expressions that you come up with are mundane and not understandable. It's no wonder then that one feels disoriented.

Anyway, his answer was:

I feel that we have entered a mental dimension that has never been rationally explored, and from there we have no alternative but to do something new from an expressive point of view.

I think he hit the nail on the head, in the sense that when you consider the bigger picture, that is precisely where the path to Geneosophy takes you.